I’m Akin Thomas,


of AKD

Areas of expertise

Customer Experience, Cultural change, Leadership and management


Public and private sector

AKD Moment

Every day is a blessing


“ Dreams come true because they are supposed to. “

About me


early career involved working with young people in the care and justice system, before moving into complaints management and customer experience. This was where I learnt the importance of learning experiences that were creative and fun.



I progressed quickly to senior management positions, but I knew there was something more I wanted and needed to do. And one day I had an epiphany and simply walked away to do my own thing. Over the past 10 years, with a great team, we’ve grown AKD from a local company to an international learning and development consultancy, working with some amazing brands on subjects including organisational change, leadership and customer experience. What drives me is seeing people shine; I believe there is brilliance in everyone, and I want to create solutions that allow people “to connect to my best me”. Core to our growth is the idea that “people learn more when they are having fun”.



Everything we design and deliver is based on solutions that are creative, fun and challenging. We are currently developing a generation of learning tools that create deeper, more meaningful and immersive experiences. Authentic thinking is really important to me. I want the whole team, not to simply regurgitate what others say, but be bold enough to shape their own thoughts in a way that stimulates conversation, thinking and change.

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