I’m Allison Rosenthal,

Senior Associate

at AKD

Areas of expertise

Diversity and Inclusion Customer Experience Cultural Change & Behaviour


Public and private sector

AKD Moment

When facilitating the training the trainer, the moment when the unconscious competence becomes conscious competence and confident facilitator feels ready to fly solo.


“ Written in my leaving card from Junior school and has always been my mantra. “

About me


have worked for over 25 years within the social care sector in a number of roles. The challenges that we faced was in creating learning opportunities that increased not just skills and knowledge but developed an internal resource that could increase organisational capacity and ability support itself.


When faced with a problem to solve I always consider the following;

  1. Think partnership – who are the natural partners to help with finding solutions?
  2. Review the structure to enable a whole organisation approach that addresses issues from top to bottom, sideways and a cross-section of the organisation.
  3. Don’t limit your view of how learning is achieved.
  4. Be motivational and work with others by actively listening and collaborating in formulating a strategy.


I am adept at working strategically in order to gain a good understanding of the organisational needs, also operationally in engaging with stakeholders at all levels to translate these into meaningful learning solutions that are relevant to the business and capable of being applied outside of the training room.


When I left full-time employment and began my career as an interim Learning and Development consultant and facilitator I have not looked back. Using the skills and knowledge of running a learning and development section I have been able to see issues both from an organisational background and as an independent facilitator.


In the last 5 years, I have loved the variety that my role has offered, from working on projects such as Data Protection to Diversity and Inclusion, developing a Learning and Development plan and quality assurance programme. It is never dull and always exciting as you wonder what the next challenge will be.


I have a very practical, hands-on style of learning that participants tell me they find both engaging and fun. I am energetic and have a passion for helping people to think critically about what they are doing and to challenge themselves.


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