I’m Johnny Craike,


at AKD

Areas of expertise

Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, Team dynamics, Engagement


Public and charitable sector

AKD Moment

Realising we have the same core value that people learn best when they are having fun


``Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.``

About me


friends always used to joke that I have done a lot of different jobs in my life. I’ve worked in a fish and chip shop, given tours in a 16th-century lead mine, worked in sales, as a decorator and in a factory- and that was all before I finished university! My early career properly started in universities, running welfare programmes for students.


I then got my big break- on the civil service graduate scheme, where I worked on cross-government strategies for eradicating child poverty and commissioning welfare services. I then spent six years as a senior manager of a housing association, focusing on staff engagement. It was there that I discovered my love for coaching and facilitation. I still remember coaching a colleague during my training and seeing them have a “lightbulb moment”.


I loved the feeling of helping someone to be their best self and decided on the spot that I wanted that to be my long-term career. Since then I have built up my business (Lightbulb Moments Coaching and Events) and have now worked with nearly 20 organisations- delivering 121 and group coaching, away days and training programmes. I’ve met some amazing people and worked on some fascinating projects including developing a number of leadership and mentoring programmes, cultural change and turning pretty much everything I possibly can into a game.


I met Akin and AKD at an exhibition and was bowled over by them. Their mantra is that people learn best when they are having fun- which is so close to my core values. I bring interaction, creativity and a sense of wonder into everything I do. After more than five years of delivering coaching and facilitation I know it was the right decision- there is still no better feeling than helping someone to have a lightbulb moment.

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