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at AKD

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Leadership & Management; Customer Experience


Corporate, Public and Private sectors

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``Don’t try your best… instead be and do your best``

About me


often describe myself as an Executive Coach, supporting women in business to become extraordinary leaders. “Hard work”, “determination” and “love” are the 3 main qualities that most define my career and life accomplishments to date.


As a child, I was raised between Syria and Spain before moving to the UK at 24. Although I have a university degree in literature, I have always been fascinated about working with individuals and organisations. My aim has always been to help people flourish in their businesses and leadership roles whilst creating a customer centric culture. In fact, I started when I was 16, growing up my dad allowed me to join his business during school holidays and I learned then valuable lessons about leadership and business.


It has now been more than 20 years of international experience in progressive leadership roles and managing large team operations across organisations in the private, corporate and public sectors from industries such as: Insurance Brockrage, Banking, Facilities Management, Food&Beverage, Media & Marketing, Medicine, Governmental institutions, etc.


I left team leadership to support women in business become extraordinary people leaders. I do that through 1:1 conversations, facilitating high level training, speaking on international stages and mentoring newly appointed managers.


Joining AKD was, in fact, a gift because being a professional coach means I  have the duty to challenge, support and stimulate my client’s minds to allow breakthroughs and insights they never had before. I read once that “you get what you give” The way I understand this is that in order for me to support you being your best, I need to be my best, that’s important and AKD provides me with the opportunity to think and evolve.


I was lucky to have spoken at the prestigious TEDx platform on the topic of “the other side of Syria”. I am also a contributing author of two books “50 voices of Migrant women”, launched in Q4 of 2017 at the Houses of Parliament and “Women of the new paradigm”, launching in Q3 of 2018 in New York. I am featured in a documentary for PBS TV (USA) about inspirational women to be released in 2018, and I am delighted to have been a finalist at the “Inspiration awards for women” 2017.


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