I’m Laura Otabor-Risino,

Finance Manager

at AKD

Areas of expertise

Accounting, Financial Modeling


Charity and private sector

AKD Moment

The moment I realised AKD's ethics matched my own!


About me


am the finance manager here at AKD. I want to live in a world filled with Transformers, books that come bundled with yoghurt pots and a force field around my keyboard that repels spiders and accident claim calls.


As the Finance Manager, I have the responsibility of managing the finance department and ensuring that the department runs smoothly. In the past, I worked in a number of various industries such as the media, charity, art as well as property.


When I am not juggling numbers or producing financial reports, you can find me on the netball court with my sister Linda, travelling to some historic city or watching the Transformers franchise for the billionth time.


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