I’m Leone Martin,

Senior Associate

at AKD

Areas of expertise

Customer experience, innovation and leadership and management


Private sector, product marketing and innovation

AKD Moment

Developing and launching our Induction learning game


“If you don’t give up eventually you will breakthrough”

About me


am passionate about helping individuals and organisations realise their full potential. That is why I love working at AKD where I get to develop and deliver powerful learning experiences for our clients as a Senior Associate in addition to supporting the Client Services team to provide an excellent service to our customers.


My background is in product marketing and innovation, for over 8 years I designed and developed great customer experiences in the service industry. In the course of my career, I have also worked with international brands within the technology, retail and financial services industries including Intel, Halfords and HomeServe.


As a facilitator and instructional designer, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of organisations such as the Holiday Inn, Mears, Warner Bro’s and Baillie Gifford delivering learning experiences in the subjects of on customer experience and leadership.


Whenever I work with an organisation I aim to challenge the way they think about value creation for their customers, for their organisation, for their communities and their people. Not only do I challenge them but I help to empower them with the tools, skills and confidence they need to aid this value creation in order to make money, make a difference and change the world! (Sounds dramatic, but it’s totally true and possible!)


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