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You will have to come back to me about this...


``If you don't succeed, try again!``

About me


ts’ great that I have the opportunity to share with you what I view as notable secrets to my journey that has been anything but obvious. In fact I believe it’s all in my name which translates in several languages as to mean “Beauty”. This is exactly how I have approached many ventures and opportunities in my life, I seek to see the beauty in everything.

My industry expertise lays in the cutthroat world of sales, in particular, the luxury retail industry working with high-end clients. I am very proud to mention that I have worked with several of the world’s most highly respected and top brands, leaders in their field, for example, Burberry, Dior, The LVMH group.


I have fed my insatiable interest for luxury and customer service, with continues research into how consumers wants and needs affect the success of business. With a Masters in Marketing and Business Innovation, BA Honours degree in Newspaper Journalism it’s safe to say creativity is my passion. On the surface, I am an accomplished Sales and Business professional with over 10 years’ experience in the Business and retail market. I would like to say that I consistently look to ensure the long-term viability of emerging businesses as well as those that boast a multimillion pound portfolio.


You should also know that I am highly competitive and great film enthusiast as well as play competitive netball, a little more to me believe or not I also was a cheerleader this is noticeable through my bubbly personality always see the positive.


So why AKD?  Well I told myself why not, I certainly was drawn to the unique and hypnotising business stratagem employed to deliver the excellence in learning and development in such a way that rarely exits today. I wanted to be a part of the journey and see how my high-end skills can add beauty to the company and together develop an unstoppable force aiming to become leaders in the field.


I aim to bring my passion and drive to deliver a high-end luxury service to AKD and I believe that’s just the beginning.  So back to the name beauty is what I see in AKD and is what I know you will experience once connected with us.


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