I’m Marie-France Domarin,


at AKD

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Customer experience, Retail


Private sector

AKD Moment

Collective intelligence, Creative play, and Otsukaresama. ``Otsukaresama`` (Japanese word), is the expression of gratitude for your efforts, your perseverance to find and implement solutions that makes the difference.


``If you don't succeed, try again!``

About me


fter some financial studies, my passion for people, different cutlures and good food led me into Hospitality industry. During my 16 years in Operations and Human Resources, I collaborated with fabulous professionals with amazing talents, huge potential and passion! Many of these high performing leaders were, for various reasons, becoming burned out and not performing effectively and efficiently! I even reached that point myself.


It became so bad that my health was in danger. There was no choice; I had to change and do it now! So I did! I learned the hard way. What did I learn? To see things from different perspectives, to persevere, to appreciate things in life and most importantly of all, I learned every moment of life is precious. Even the most challenging moments!


Today, I am grateful and I am dedicating myself to continuously grow through applying self-compassion, self-care, self-expression, self-connection with discipline, integrity and fun!  This is what I am all about and this is what enables me to fully support others. Enriched by my professional and personal experiences, I have always been dedicated to help my team, my peers and leaders to grow, to build self-awareness and to increase in confidence.


During my 17 years of operation, Human Resources and Talent Management professional in the hospitality industry, I was able to empathise with how each person felt having been there myself: how it feels when your performance is affected and ultimately impacts the bottom line. Therefore I explored, designed and implemented best practices to close that gap, which I express in the following equation:

Memorable Guest Experience = Self-Aware People + Healthy Work Environment + Quality Products/Service.

Today, through my services, I support organisations and leaders to solve this equation. I help them understand the reason to develop their People and identify the most important areas to invest.


The outcome for my clients is a workforce better prepared to continuously adapt to change. My clients range from Global luxury hotels to various sectors of the service industries in Europe, Africa and the United States.  Whilst keeping in mind the organisation’s goals and the confidentiality of my sessions, I help front-line operational managers and executives to discover themselves, explore their full potential and optimize their performance. Thus, enabling them to achieve both their professional and personal goals such as improving work-life balance; embracing changes with flexibility; leading with vision and strategy; focusing on priorities; establishing their company as an employer of choice and as market leaders; and increasing productivity… all the latter directly impact on improving effectiveness and employee engagement, therefore increasing the organisation’s overall output via their investment in their employees.


As a Certified Professional Coach, Consultant and Facilitator, I have leveraged my experience and professional coach training with my interest in personal development. I combine these with empathy and objectivity to create an open, trusting and respectful relationship to enable individuals, teams and organisations to adopt new perspectives.


They can expect me to be unconditionally constructive, straightforward and truthful and fun!

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