I’m Mel Palmer,

Senior Associate

at AKD

Areas of expertise

Individual and organisational coaching, Cultural change, Leadership and Stakeholder Management


Private and public sectors

AKD Moment

Working with a newly established senior leadership term to co-create the culture and relationships systems they needed to achieve their vision and live their values.


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast. “

About me


am a co-active coach and management consultant who is passionate about developing organisations, their teams and leaders to deliver outstanding performance. As a published author and former university lecturer, I have a strong belief in lifelong learning.

Working across the public sector in health and social care, my roles have encompassed managing service delivery, audit and compliance. As Head of Quality for the national regulator of health and social care, I developed the quality strategy and led their first national audit.


I have successfully delivered leadership and organisational development programmes for both large and small private sector companies within the UK and internationally. As a management consultant,  I enjoy carrying out diagnostic assessments to develop bespoke solutions to improve performance at all levels.


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