I am Nathan Dennis


at AKD

Areas of expertise

Community Engagement and Outreach, Training


Public Sector

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About me


am a dynamic leader, and Award Winning Social Entrepreneur, Author and Youth & Community specialist Consultant.




I connect with young people and local communities, using years of experience, in helping many different companies to engage more effectively, connect and build lasting relationships with those deemed traditionally hard to reach. I have a global vision, my values based, methodology and theory of change ensures that both clients and their service users win and get the results they require, by inspiring, empowering and training staff teams on how to improve their engagement and diversity awareness.  I do this by creating a fun and innovative learning environment that inspires learning and encourages fresh new ideas.



Every problem finds its appropriate solution. My strategic thinking and entrepreneurial leadership skills help me to navigate through any problem to help others produce solutions. I use excellent communication skills, to share the vision with others to ensure I get the best results from all shareholders and team members. This has previously led to real impact and produced fantastic results across a wider range of industries, some of which include the Criminal justice system, Health, Education, Arts and Construction.



I regularly speak in different educational institutions sharing principles from our Education 4 Life programme, developed to help students at different key stages. As a legacy, we travel across the UK inspiring young people by sharing our stories, our struggles and our successes in the aim to inspire a generation to believe in the possible


I work by a set of values: Faith, Love, Time, Fun & Laughter, Share and Integrity and I make sure these are the principles of everything I do.


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