Enhancing Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Our Approach

Enhancing Customer Experience™ is an innovative game-based solution for organisations passionate about delivering a brilliant customer experience. It provides a fun, interactive and challenging method of learning; to help participants gain a greater insight into their role and take ownership for creating a great customer experience.

We believe that customer experience is not a luxury: it’s core to your success.

Behind the process

Enhancing Customer Experience is an extremely flexible tool and can be used by all staff, from senior management to frontline teams, for 2 hours to a whole day, with content we will customise to fit your organisation. Teams are competing against each to be the first to get to the centre of the board, where customer experience becomes the core of your business! Teams progress by responding to questions, scenarios and case studies all based on customer experience. If teams respond well they move forward, but poor responses will lead to penalties. It’s important to remember that if a customer leaves you unhappy, there are consequences.

The Result

Our mantra is that “People learn more when they are having fun”. Enhancing Customer Experience is designed to encourage behavioural change, to stimulate participants to generate ideas and to own the customer experience. Customer experience is often the factor that can differentiate you from your competition, the factor that can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

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