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A core part of our Credo is that we embrace your uniqueness in the design and delivery of what we do for you. We don’t simply take something off the shelf. One of the things we love is when clients come to us with very specific and sometimes niche challenges, and we design a bespoke solution for you.

The thing a lot of our clients especially appreciated are our award-winning learning maps which we create specifically for you. Learning maps combine playfulness with the power of conversation. They are incredible tools that transform the learning experience. People are having fun while exploring sometimes challenging and difficult subjects.  

Made To Measure learning maps can help:

  • Take your vision and values off the page, and embed   them in colleagues thinking and behaviours
  • Introduce new standard operating procedures
  • Enhance product or systems knowledge
  • Embed a strategic plan
  • Create a dynamic and impactful induction experience.

How it works

‍The design process starts with a blank page and is a very creative process. We work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your business and your needs and then begin the process. Throughout the process, we’ll work collaboratively with you to co-create challenging and engaging content. We will tailor every aspect to your organisational needs, including the questions and scenarios. Our design team will develop the concept until we achieve a product you love.

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