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About Us

Audacious About Change

We are an organisational change consultancy that stimulates brilliance in individuals, teams and organisations. We work with you to disrupt your current norms and create exceptional ideas that impact businesses, communities, and wider society.

Our bespoke solutions consider your unique needs, and our fun and unconventional approach stimulates new thinking vital for transformation. For over 15 years our global clients have trusted us to support them through important changes. We enable you to remain relevant in rapidly changing times, and to optimise the skills and resources of their people. We believe fairness, justice, and strong leadership can build positively infectious organisations, and a fairer society.

Be Pioneers of Your Future 

When you work with us , this is what you should expect…

Relational – Investing in meaningful relationships over transactional exchanges. Our change specialists are genuinely interested in understanding what brilliance means for your people and your organisation. We want to get to know you and laugh with you.

Made-to-Measure – We are experienced at designing bespoke solutions that consider the unique strengths and challenges of our clients. This process excites us. One day we are designing a learning map, another we are developing a 12 month leadership programme, or leading an extensive research project.

Disruptive – We take the unconventional approach to learning and explore how to do things differently. The expectation is to talk at you, but we co-create with you, fusing your knowledge, expertise and aspirations, with our experience and creative methodologies.

Fun – We believe in creating change and having fun in the process. Playfulness prompts adaptability, leads to new discoveries, enhances team connection, and fosters creative problem solving. Our experiential solutions offer an opportunity to be both active and reflective, creating an energetic flow of ideas and conversations.

Conversational – Change requires communication, and communication hinges on conversations. We skilfully facilitate necessary and often uncomfortable conversations, helping you challenge previous modes of thinking and stimulating new ones.

AKD Solutions (AKD) is an international organisational change consultancy whose purpose is to stimulate brilliance.

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