Leadership DNA

We created Discover Your Leadership DNA™ because we wanted to provide leaders an opportunity to really think about what shapes and defines how they lead. This requires being authentic, honest and vulnerable. Discover Your Leadership DNA is impactful, because it allows leaders to learn by combining playfulness with the power of conversation.

A Really Flexible Solution

Discover Your Leadership DNA™ reflects years of work in the fields of leadership and management. It is highly flexible and can be used as a separate tool, or as part of a longer development programme. All leaders can benefit whether aspiring, new or established and just need that opportunity to reflect and refocus.

How It Works

We recommend up to 15 participants in a session, split into 3 teams. Teams travel around the board accumulating points; responding to questions and case studies that uncover and tease out different aspects of leadership. The main aim is for every person to draw lessons, recognise principles and reflect on “self”. In any session there will be space for discovering, reflecting and planning.

The Benefits

Organisations must invest in leaders, those who are existing, new and emerging. Discover Your Leadership DNA is a great tool that provides a space to refresh, reflect and consciously develop. Participants will benefit from:

  • Understanding values, people and events that have shaped their leadership
  • Have clarity on their purpose and how it aligns to how they lead.
  • Be more conscious of how they lead and be more deliberate and intentional moving forward.
  • Recognise areas of further development.


You can purchase the standard version or customize the content to include any specific organisational competencies or behavioural frameworks.

You can choose to have one of our highly skilled facilitators deliver for you. Alternatively, you can choose to have in house facilitation.

I didn’t really understand how hard I worked and how I had to dig to really understand my DNA, but it was worth it”.

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