Enhancing Customer Experience

This is an innovative game-based solution for organisations passionate about delivering brilliant customer experience. It provides a fun, interactive and challenging method of learning. It helps participants to understand what a great customer experience looks and feels like and their role in delivering a great experience.

Enhancing Customer Experience is an extremely flexible tool and can be used by all staff, from senior management to frontline teams. We customise the content and design for you.

How It Works

Teams are competing against each to be the first to regain as many customer zones as possible after disappointing feedback and results. Teams progress by responding to questions, scenarios and case studies which explore customer experience from different angles and perspectives. Along the way, there are rewards and penalties. As teams accumulate points they decide on which zones they will reclaim. With this learning experience you have to collaborate to win!!

What It Achieves For Your Organisation

Brands are created and lost on customer experience. It is not a luxury: it’s core to your success. Key outcomes will include participants:

  • Defining and owning the customer experience
  • Appreciating how their role impacts on customer, colleagues and other stakeholders
  • Understanding how customer experience directly impacts the success of your organisation


A standard version is available, but the majority of our clients customise the content so it is specific to the needs to their organisation.

You can also choose whether you would like one of expert facilitators to deliver workshops for you, or whether you would want to have in-house facilitation.

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