Equally Yours

A game-based diversity and inclusion learning experience

We recognise that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is a challenging topic that many people shy away from, so we created a refreshing learning solution. Equally Yours transforms the learning experience by enabling people to have a voice, explore scenarios, and hear about the lived experiences of others.

Why Equally Yours

A fun and non-judgemental session. We were able to address key issues.” Gemma, B.

Equally Yours is an innovative learning experience that combines playfulness and conversation. It is effective because people are more active and open learners when they are having fun. The conversations it generates allow people to increase in knowledge, awareness of other experiences, and a greater appreciation of how personal responsibility leads to change.

A flexible learning solution

We’ve designed Equally Yours to be a flexible solution, to ensure it meets your organisational needs:

  • It can be used from 2 hours to a whole day experience
  • It can be used by all your colleagues, from Board members to frontline staff
  • We customize the content, so it’s relevant and relatable to your organisation
  • You can license Equally Yours and have in-house facilitators become Authorised Users.

How it works

Participants work in teams and navigate the board, they accumulate points by responding to a series of questions and scenarios. The questions develop underpinning knowledge, explore some challenging scenarios, and encourage the rethinking of systemic ideas and behaviours.

Equally Yours is available digitally!

Equally Yours is also available digitally. Replicate all the features and functionality of the classroom experience digitally. This is a great option for those who are working remotely.

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