Complaints Made Easy™

Complaints training is often perceived as difficult or a dry learning subject. Complaints Made Easy™ transforms the learning experience. It is challenging, engaging and fun. Our approach makes the learning experience stimulating supporting improved practice and behavioural change. By the end of this workshop participants will have:
  • Increased understanding and the confidence to handle complaints competently;
  • A more resolution focused approach providing better outcomes for all involved;
  • A greater appreciation of what different stakeholders want from the process;
  • A better appreciation of how the learning from complaints can provide have a positive impact on the organisation.

A Really Flexible Solution

Complaints Made Easy™ is a flexible solution. This includes:
  • A session can range from 2 hours or a whole day
  • Anyone can participate, from senior leaders to frontline colleagues
  • We customise content for your organisation. This means the questions will be relevant and have more impact.
  • AKD can facilitate or you can purchase and have your in-house facilitators deliver

How It Works

Teams navigate the board responding to questions that stimulate ideas and skills to improve how complaints
are handled.

This includes understanding what customers want from a complaint, understanding the balance between emotions and facts, developing more robust ways of collecting evidence, and drafting more resolution focused responses. It supports a better process, better experiences for complainants and other stakeholders.

When things go wrong, how do we behave?

The customer experience is often defined when things go wrong and how you respond as an organisation. So
complaints handling can enhance or damage your brand. We encourage you to commit to the development of
your colleagues. Complaints Made Easy is a great investment.


We have options for social care and healthcare. We can also customize Complaints Made Easy for your organisation, industry or regulatory framework. We have a team of experienced who can deliver workshops for you. Alternatively, you can choose to facilitate in-house and we support this with a train the trainers programme.

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AKD Solutions (AKD) is an
international organisational change consultancy
whose purpose is to stimulate brilliance.

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AKD Solutions (AKD) is an
international organisational change consultancy
whose purpose is to stimulate brilliance.

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