Induction Programme for New Staff


Induction is a window to the soul of your organisation.

Excellent inductions successfully connect new people to your brand and passionately communicate everything you want them to know and care about.

Your induction experience is critical to ensure new starters believe they’ve made the right decision.
Ask yourself:

· Is your induction engaging?
· Are you talking with your new recruits or talking
  at them?
· Does the induction positively reflect your brand, your   values and the experience you want your new   colleagues to have?

When we create an induction process, we focus on: 

‘What people really need to know,’ When they need to know it,’ and ‘How you want new recruits to feel’.

We work with you to create an experience that is inspiring, engaging and informative. By the end of the induction, your new recruits will know they made the right choice.   

“AKD Solutions always positively challenged us to think bigger and think differently, that is why we continue to work with them and have such a strong partnership.  We always receive exceptional service from the team and the training solutions we create together never fail to win awards…… a great combination that always delivers a win win outcome!”

Gary Jackson


Conflict Resolution Training

Dates: To be confirmed
Time: 08:30 – 13:30
Venue: Online
Cost: £400 + VAT

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable but this doesn’t mean it has to be so destructive that it impacts on employee wellbeing, performance and costs the organisation.

This transformative workshop explores the root causes of workplace conflict and it show how it can be resolved early. We will look at the role of managers and HR professionals in supporting staff; analyse tools and techniques to unpick some of the challenges and barriers to resolving conflict as well as arming you with key skills to use when engaging with parties.
This is a virtual course facilitated over 2 x ½ days (9:30-13:00 GMT)

Course overview
 – Understand what conflict is, some of the signs and different responses to it
 – Understand the physiological impact of conflict in the workplace
 – Understand root causes of conflict, how to resolve early and reduce escalation
 – Identify your management style and approach to conflict
 – Explore why employees respond the way they do and how to influence win-win outcomes
 – Understand neurochemicals and how they impact on conflict
 – Understand the constructive and destructive responses to conflict
 – Learn how to coach and support others working through conflict

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