“From the outset, we made it clear it was personal…”

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Akin Thomas, CEO of AKD Solutions.

AKD Solutions welcome the acknowledgement by the UK’s five Sports Councils that racism and racial inequality remain significant issues across sport in the UK at all levels and have had a detrimental and disadvantaging impact over many years. ‍


In Autumn 2020, we began working with the Chief Executives of UK Sport, Sport Wales, Sport Northern Ireland, Sport England and sportscotland. With the murder of George Floyd, a catalyst, they had joined forces to commit to tackling racism and racial inequalities across their nations. Their goal – to develop a collective plan to help build sporting communities that truly reflect the societies they represent.


For #TellYourStory, we interviewed hundreds of Black, Asian and ethnically diverse people who shared their experiences of accessing, involvement in, or exclusion from sport. The interviewees ranged from grassroots participants, parents and supporters to elite athletes, coaches, sports media and the wider Sports workforce.

The stories the AKD research team heard were challenging, traumatic, encouraging and inspiring, and we thank everyone who shared their experiences.

Akin Thomas is CEO of AKD Solutions: “To support change, we have developed a model of leadership called ACE to help organisations disrupt their normality and create significant change. It has been designed explicitly as a tool for leaders committed to greater diversity, inclusion and equity in their organisations, but it has far wider applications. ACE stands for Allyship, Challenge and Experiment, all of which are needed for true cultural change”.

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#TellYourStory is just the beginning of change. Do you want to know more?


This month I’ve sat back and looked at the woman I’m blessed to have in my life and I reflect with very mixed emotions.     During the month, I hosted Stimulate and sat with 4 incredible female senior leaders. After introductions one

Complaints Made Easy is coming back!

Just like Vinyl Records, Complaints Made Easy is coming back! Many of you will not be aware but AKD origins were in complaints handling. We supported many local authorities and NHS Trust to look at how they could improve the

Time for Action

Time for Action (Home Countries/UK Sport TRARIIS conference)

Last Friday I along with Khembe Clarke senior consultant, attend the Sport England Tackling Race and Racial Inequalities in Sport (TRARIIS) ‘Time for Change’ conference held at Leicester Tigers Rugby Stadium. To put some context to this AKD back in

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