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A ‘new normal’ is emerging, and there will be inevitable shifts in the complaints journey.

The Complaints Experience journey is shifting from response to resolution. Organisations emphasise responding in 28 days on the right template whilst avoiding a genuine apology. None of this adds value; instead, they’re often distractors and inhibitors

“The reason we continue to use AKD is that we are always positively challenged to think bigger and think differently. We always receive exceptional service from the team and the solutions we create never fail to win awards, a great combination that always delivers a win win outcome!”

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Complaints Experience

The complaints experience journey is shifting from response to resolution.  

Refocussing attention and energy transforms the Complaints Experience. It requires a different culture, mindset and systems, but the beauty is, it gets better results for both the customer and the organisation.

Complaints Made Easy™

Complaints experience is often perceived as difficult or dry. Complaints Made Easy transforms the learning experience. 

It is challenging, engaging and fun. Our approach makes the learning experience stimulating supporting improved practice and behavioural change.

Complaints are like medicine

Sometimes hard to swallow, but good for you.

We believe that “customer experience is defined by when things go wrong and how organisations respond and behave”. 

Complaints management is a crucial part of customer experience: get it right and everything else becomes easier. However, just like a Doctor’s prescription for bitter-tasting medicine, many companies avoid it.

Investigating Skills (bespoke)

A key part of working with you is understanding “What does success look like for you?”   We take this information and will create metrics to measure the impact of the programme.   This may include, creating an assessment pre and post the classroom training to provide benchmark data and then data on the improvements in competence and confidence. 

We will assign a Senior Associate with extensive experience of complaints handling in social care and health.  This adds real value in that they will understand the process, strategically and operationally. 

Getting it Write

Getting it Write is a 3-hour workshop for managers and staff who are responsible for drafting responses to complaints.  The key benefits are:  

Delegates who are better equipped and confident to draft responses.

A more resolution-focused approach, which reduces the likelihood of escalation.  

An increased likelihood of turning a negative situation into a positive one.  

Master Class in Complaints management

This is a transformative programme that supports strategic thinkers and those with operational responsibility for complaints handling.  The masterclass is an evolutionary journey, exploring how organisations can develop more focused, meaningful and productive experiences for customers and organisations.  

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